Inaugural Works of the Cognitive Age

The "m" Studies

My work springs directly from envisioning Humanity's cumulative knowledge and belief encapsulated within an ever expanding Membrane that partitions the tangible and intangible.  My work expresses that divide in its search for a way through and beyond, harnessing the vibration that emanates from the Elements themselves.

Through this tangible frontier, the Membrane, I sew metal strings that traverse the canvas, that make that journey, the Passage from the visible to the unknown, the intangible.  In doing so, the metal dances on and in and out of the surface, appearing and disappearing, creating a three dimensional time-space piece.   "m" stands for the universal Membrane and involves my search to find the spiritual, the mindful passage, to allow one to break through our restraints and to see what lies beyond our sensory world.  To perceive the Intangible.







 Jim Luce - Huffington Post - Beyond Art