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The CROSSING installation in Turkey was initiated upon the invitation of Adviye and Hakan Bergemann and made possible with their generous support.
The sculpture is erected in Bodrum from where the stone monolith heralds.

The rough-hewn edges of the 12 foot CROSSING monolith bear the markings of man, of time and of wind.




The giant basalt stone used for this sculpture was extracted from a quarry that has been used by generations of local stone carvers. The words were carved using the same ancient techniques and tools.


The sayings were carved in its eastern and western face of the sculpture in the same century old tradition.

The words etched on its surface allude to the meeting of civilizations that Turkey is home to.   








The CROSSING stone in the ancient port of Bodrum, on the Mediterranean, now bears witness to the eternal laws, that are constant over TIME, LANGUAGE, CULTURE, and the great civilizations which unite HUMANITY.



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