New Work 2014 - 2015

seeing what cannot be seen
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THE VIRTUAL dimension of my New Work 2014-2015 is born of the series of multimedia paintings I have called The Tangible this is the artwork expression that you can see, touch, and measure.


THE VIRTUAL dimension I am developing is a process to propose to the viewer a dialog with the intangible. To open a way through to all that one does not see or experience, but instead intuits or remembers.  


This experiential phenomenon of creation, this dimensional reality of mankind,  (where we exist as tangible life forces and intangible expressions of existence) - is at the heart of my work.    



To explore this duality, I am endeavoring to create a series of works in which the intangible dimension coexists (merges?) with the tangible expression.


THE VIRTUAL is literally embedded in the work - its there - but beyond human sensory detection. When activated by the viewer due to close proximity to the work, the viewer will experience THE VIRTUAL: the intangible that lies beyond the three dimensions of the work.



This is the very essence of my life work.  Opening a passage to all that lies beyond.





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