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What have we learned?
Through these lessons,
and with this knowledge, 
where do we arrive? 
What is a beginning?
How does it manifest? 
I envision the SITES FOR HUMANITY PROJECT as a series of dialogues as well as the installation of large scale stone sculptures.

Sculptures that incorporate ”conversations” in their creation which are chosen through the search for universal wisdom and truth.  The ”conversations” originate from all parts of the world, from the guides and thought leaders of the ancient past to those of today. It is the accumulated collection of these dialogues which opens a channel for enlightenment.




Sculpture for Singapore Site

Native Stone

16ft x 22ft





Sculpture for Santiago Site

Native Stone

16ft x 22ft







Sculpture for New York Site

Native Stone

16ft x 22ft





Sculpture for Rekiavik Site

Iron work over pool of black water

12ft H x 72ft L





Sculpture for Melbourne Site

Native Stone

12ft W x 24ft H




two oceans

Sculpture for Cape Town Site

Native Stone

24ft W x 28ft H




world sites

Sites for Humanity

Ranging over all continents and the Northern and Southern hemispheres, the planned sites are:  New York, Rekiavik, Singapore, Melbourne, Santiago and Cape Town.
Utilizing the Five Official Languages of the United Nations:  Arabic, Chinese, English, French, and Russian. 

To propose words of Wisdom/Truth/Peace for Humanity.



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